• Multi-purpose product designed to clean visors, goggles, or windscreens. • Removes bugs, dirt, and grime. • Rain Repel formula reduces friction between water droplets and the visor surface to keep vision clear. • 4 oz sprayer. wi th RAIN REPEL VISOR CLEANER


• Sanitizes and eliminates helmet odor on contact using anti-microbial and sanitizing ingredients. • Apply to inside of helmet and air dry. • Skin-friendly, non-allergenic, non-toxic. • 4 oz sprayer.

• Chemically engineered to inhibit fog-causing moisture. • Apply to inside of visors. • 4 oz sprayer.

• Exterior cleaner and polish in one spray. Uses no abrasives or waxes. • Remove bugs, dirt, and grime, while leaving a polished look. • Safe on all finishes, including visors. • 4 oz sprayer. CLEANER and POLISH


• Cleans and details matte finish helmets in one step. • Specifically formulated to keep the low luster of matte helmets, with no streaking or smudging. • 4 oz sprayer.




• Sanitizing and deodorizing spray. • Proprietary PICO12 odor-eliminating technology attacks odors directly at the source. Biodegradable, skin-friendly, and safe for all riding equipment. • Perfect for boots, gloves, jackets, leathers, etc. • Available in 4 oz sprayer or 16 oz spray bottle. REFRESH


• Heavy-duty degreasing spray. • Safe to use on all finishes: paint, powder coat, and plastics, including flat and matte. • Biodegradable and non-corrosive. • Removes rubber, bugs, oils,

• High performance detergent effectively cleans technical fabrics in standard and HE washing machines. • Contains proprietary PICO12 odor-eliminating technology. • Available in 4 oz or 16 oz bottles.

dirt, chain lube, and competition grime. • 16 oz spray bottle.

• Pre-treatment designed to use before WASH or on its own. • 4 oz sprayer. SPOT CLEANER



• Specially engineered formula bonds to technical fabrics. Repels water, fuel, oils, grease, and other liquid stains. • Maintains breathability while keeping colors vibrant by shielding UV rays. • 16 oz spray bottle.

• A finishing spray that combines a light duty cleaner with a protective shine coat. • Ideal for plastics, seats, rubber, metals. • No wax formula leaves a lasting lusterthat does not attract dirt. • 16 oz spray bottle.

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