Alpinestars 2021



FEATURES • A slim, self-contained, wearable airbag vest that can be worn under any proper fitting leather or textile jacket or Tech-Air ® ready jacket. • Covers rider’s shoulders, chest, ribs, and full back. • Comes with an active electronic system that features six integrated sensors and a crash algorithm that leverages AI to accurately monitor when to deploy the airbag in the event of a crash. • Quick, easy, convenient recharging by way of a magnetic micro USB charger. • Bluetooth connectivity and an accompanying Tech-Air ® App, which uses a rider’s smart phone to display system operational status, battery status, and detailed ride analysis.

The Tech-Air ® airbag system offers the same protection as that provided by 18 CE Level 1 back protectors, as verified by GSG, an Official CE Certification company, that provides independent testing of product conformity with European Personal Protection Regulations.

Vest Rear View

Vest Front View

Airbag Front

Airbag Back

Only available at Alpinestars Tech-Air ® 5 authorized dealers.

Sizes Gray/Black XS 4499-0176-03 S 4499-0176-04 M 4499-0176-05 L 4499-0176-06 XL 4499-0176-07 2XL 4499-0176-08 3XL 4499-0176-09 4XL 4499-0176-10 $749.95


Full Back Coverage

Electronic Sensor System Magnetic Operating System

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